The key to building a Personal Brand in 2020

Personal Brand is quite the hot topic these days. Everybody is a personal brand and almost every single individual has an online presence through which they communicate. But the important thing here is that your online presence is only a medium for you to communicate your brand image. The impact of your personal brand largely depends on how you communicate through those mediums.

Your personal brand must resonate with your audience that is when you will be able to build a strong brand for yourself. Most people think that having a consistent color theme or certain aesthetic can help them build their personal brand & that is true but those things can easily be replicated by people. They can copy your aesthetic, they can copy your style but your personality, your vibe & how you make people feel about themselves is something that is very personal to an individual & hence difficult to impersonate by others. And you have to make these things your strong point while building your personal brand.

What make your Personal Brand stand out?

1. Your story: All of us have a story that helps us set apart from the crowd. Your story helps you share experiences about your life, things you have learnt along the way, problems you have overcome and so much more. This is a great way to connect & engage with people.

2. Leverage your uniqueness: This is very interesting because most people think that they are not unique or maybe they have not found their uniqueness yet but leveraging your uniqueness could be as simple as embracing your natural features which will attract people with the same liking/interest to connect with you.

3. Niche down & find your sweet spot: Identifying your niche is very important when you are starting out. You just can’t try to reach everybody because that will never work. You should start off by niching down and when you have your base strong then you can start expanding your niche.

4. Social proof is your best friend: Social proofs are testimonials & appreciation that you receive from your colleagues, clients & audience. Preserving & showcasing them the right way can really help you gain trust from your audience.

5. Consistency is key: Consistency in not only delivering your content but consistency in the messaging of your content is important. Every piece of content that you put out must narrow down to what you do, what are your beliefs and what you stand for.

6. Good things take time: You can’t work on your brand for a few days/weeks and get frustrated because you are not getting any attention you will have to love the process and follow it religiously. Try experimenting with your audience, learn what works with your audience & double down your effort on things that work for you.

One last thing that I would like to talk about is you should always walk the talk which means your personality in real life must always align with who you are on social media and that is only possible for you to keep up with, when you are being your true self and not trying to picture a nonexistent person on social media. People can actually see through if you are just pretending to be somebody you are not plus faking it can be really exhausting.