Do your kids have a hobby? If not then maybe they should consider one.

Photo by Alaric Sim on Unsplash

Wonder why your kid is always glued to that couch staring at the television screen for hours on end? And once they have finished watching those cartoon characters they will immediately extend their hands for that Xbox and call it a day.

We don’t see them playing on grounds often, they are less likely to voluntarily participate in a school art group or Join a sports club. Certainly they live a busy lifestyle trying to keep those grades high. But we often overlook the fact that sports, arts & craft are equally important. Kids are most likely to follow their parents. So let’s say you have a hobby for singing & your child sees you practice it whenever you get some free time then your child is also most likely to first try what you are doing and if they don’t like it then continue to explore other options.

By encouraging kids to try various activities like football, dancing, drawing you open them to opportunities to explore until they find something that they love doing which ends up becoming their hobby. Hobbies help them to stay active; it gives them something to be excited about every day. It will make them feel happy about their achievement when they master that difficult dance move or draw that amazing piece of art. Not having a hobby takes away that sheer delight that comes along with it Hobbies helps kid explore their creative, sporty, crafty side plus its fun.